Privacy and Cookie Policy


The purpose of this notice is to inform you about what personal information we collect whether this is through our website, the recruitment process or other interaction with Kreative Apps Ltd. We will also define how we use the information, whether the information is disclosed and the ways in which we protect your privacy.

We want you to feel secure when interacting with Kreative Apps Ltd. We are committed to respecting your privacy and complying with data privacy regulations, such as The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Contents of this notice:

  • Your data and the Kreative Apps website
  • How do we use cookies and log files?
  • How is my data collected through website forms?
  • What information is collected through the Kreative Apps user accounts?
  • How long will Kreative Apps store my information?
  • The Kreative Apps’s use of social media
  • The Kreative Apps’s recruitment process
  • What happens to my personal data when I apply for a role with Kreative Apps Ltd?
  • How long is my application information / personal information stored in the Kreative Apps applicant management systems?
  • The Kreative Apps’s business development process
  • General privacy questions
  • Can I access my personal information that Kreative Apps is storing?
  • How do I contact Kreative Apps if I have a personal data question?
  • How does Kreative Apps store my data?
  • What is the legal basis for the processing of my data?
  • What type / category of data does Kreative Apps store?
  • Changes to this GDPR Policy

Your data and the Kreative Apps website

Whenever you visit this website, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of that information in accordance with this privacy notice.

Non Kreative Apps websites linked to or from our website are not covered by this privacy notice and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for those websites.

How do Kreative Apps collect my personal data through the website?

There are three ways which Kreative Apps websites may collect your information:

  • Cookies and log files
  • Forms
  • User account

How do we use Cookies and log files?

These technologies enable us to identify what areas of the website you have visited and how you got there. We use the aggregated information from website visitors, for example aggregated information on the pages visited, to help us improve the design, performance and delivery of the website to provide a better user experience.

Kreative Apps stores personal cookie information for up to 30 days.

We use many different cookies on our website:

  1. Session cookies

We use session cookies to ensure that you are recognised when you move from page to page within the website and that any information you have entered is remembered.

  1. Persistent cookies

We use persistent cookies for website analytics and to improve website performance.

  1. Third party cookies

We may use suppliers who also set cookies on our website on our behalf to deliver the services that they are providing.

For example, Google Analytics collect anonymised data- more information can be found at: and:

How to control cookies

Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. If you do not wish your progress through the website to be tracked, then all recent versions of popular web browsers have the option to not accept cookies. However, by choosing not to accept cookies, some aspects of the website performance and user experience may be affected.

How is my data collected through website forms?

We may use forms on the website to enable you to easily contact us about services, solutions and products that we can provide you with. We may also use forms to enable access to resources or to register for events via our website. For example, we may use forms to enable recorded access to white papers, videos or to register for conferences or webinars.

The information collected via forms enables us to understand what website users are interested in, which we use to improve the services, solutions, products, resources and events we provide you.

Each form includes a tick box that confirms you consent for us to store your personal information on our secure systems and to use your data for the purposes stated on the form. If you do not tick the box that confirms your consent your data will be erased.

How long will Kreative Apps store my information?

Form data. We will hold the information provided through the forms for 12 months from collection. After the 12 months we will send you an email asking you to confirm if you wish to continue to consent to your data being stored and for us to communicate with you as previously described. If you do not respond to this email within one month we will unsubscribe you.

Kreative Apps use of social media

Kreative Apps uses a wide range of social media channels and the processing of data within the channels is in line with the privacy policies and user agreements of each individual channel, as well as the relevant data protection regulations.

Kreative Apps recruitment process

Kreative Apps has recruitment personnel looking for new people to join our teams and disciplines, helping us to effectively and sustainably support our customers. As part of our recruitment process we advertise roles online and you can apply for these by completing the application form and providing us with your CV.

What happens to my personal data when I apply for a role with Kreative Apps?

When you apply for one of the Kreative Apps vacancies your information is submitted to our secure applicant management systems. The data you submit will then be shared (via the system) with our HR Team, the relevant hiring manager and other people within Kreative Apps who are part of the recruitment process for the role.

How long is my application information / personal information stored in the applicant management systems?

Your personal information will be stored in the system for up to 12 months from submission. We retain your information in our system to help us maintain suitable records of how we manage the recruitment process and to help us improve and quality check the consistent approach we take.

There might also be other Kreative Apps roles that you would suit and by storing your application information on our secure systems we can make recommendations to you about other relevant roles.

The information you submit is processed under the lawful basis of legitimate interest. You are entitled to know what information we hold about you and for this to be corrected if it is inaccurate.

Kreative Apps business development process

Working with our suppliers, customers and prospective customers

To help deliver customers our wide range of products, services and solutions, Kreative Apps maintains a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Any personal information stored in these systems is managed in line with contractual agreements, our Information Security Policy and processed on the legal basis of legitimate interest.


We want to contact you with information about our products, services or solutions, as well as industry or regulatory information that you find relevant and useful. To manage this effectively we use consent as the lawful means for processing your personal data for marketing purposes. When requesting information from us, such as downloading technical information or through interaction with one of our employees at an exhibition or conference, we will collect your consent to do so and manage this through our secure systems.

You are entitled to know what information we hold about you and for this to be corrected if it is inaccurate.

General privacy questions

Can I access my personal information that Kreative Apps is storing?

You are entitled to know whether we hold information about you and, if we do, to have access to that information and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate. In the next section you can find the details of how to contact us about your personal data.

How do I contact Kreative Apps if I have a personal data question?

You can do this by addressing requests to:

How does Kreative Apps store my data?

We take appropriate steps to maintain the security of your data, these are set out in our Information Security Policy.

You also have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to protect your data, for example protecting your password to your website user account if you have one.

What is the legal basis for the processing of my data?

We want to enable you to have a clear understanding of the data we hold about you, how it is used and the approach we take to processing your data. Below details two approaches Kreative Apps uses to process data:

Opt-in consent:

To keep you updated with information on our products, solutions, services, research and news we collect your consent at the point at which we collect your information. Your consent and the date consent is provided is stored on our secure systems to help us maintain an accurate record of how we collected and the reason for storing your information.


If you complete a form on Kreative Apps website, we will ask you to tick a box that you consent to us storing your information and contact you for the purpose stated (next to the consent check box). If you do not tick the consent box, your data will be erased.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the use of your data at any time.

Legitimate interest:

There are a small number of instances where we process data under the lawful basis known as ‘legitimate interest’. When we adopt this approach, we carry out a legitimate interest test in accordance with the GDPR regulations to enable us to understand if it is an appropriate method.


We use the legitimate interest approach to process your data during the recruitment process to most effectively support you in your application process when applying for a role within Kreative Apps. This helps us to assess your CV and skills to match you with current and / or future vacancies within Kreative Apps and provides mutual benefit, enable us to recruit efficiently and providing you with a wider range of job opportunities.

What type/category of data does Kreative Apps store?

As defined through this privacy notice, Kreative Apps collects and manages ‘personal data’, meaning any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified by reference to an identifier.

Kreative Apps also collects a limited amount of sensitive personal data also known as ‘special categories of personal data’ and will collect your consent when doing so.

Will Kreative Apps share my information?

Kreative Apps does not sell individuals’ information. We will share it only with our authorised Data Processors, who must always act on our instructions as the Data Controller under relevant data protection laws including GDPR.  An example of an authorised Data Processor is the company we use to obtain a psychometric assessment of an applicant’s working style.

Changes to this privacy notice

We may change this notice from time to time and any changes will be posted to this page