Business Process Outsourcing

Delivering true value from supply chains

From strategy and planning, to complete deployment and ongoing improvements, we work collaboratively with our clients to develop a methodology that takes into account the specific context and unique challenges of their organisations. Our approach ensures the solutions we deploy are fully integrated into the business, redefining procurement excellence for our customers both now and into the future.

You know when your supply chain isn’t working. You can see it when your costs are getting out of control, when your inventory levels are not in line with demand and when your customers aren’t happy. But most supply chains are so complex that it’s difficult to pinpoint specifically what needs to be improved.

Effective procurement and supply chain management is critical to your success. As recent economic turmoil and natural disasters have shown, you need to think strategically about where your products are produced and about how they will be delivered. You need to fully understand all risks to your supply chain – and what you will do if a significant event disrupts your operations.

To make your supply chain more flexible and more resilient to risk, you need to evaluate your product from the ground up – from where it is produced to how it is delivered. Involve your business units, your suppliers and your customers. Understand what is most important to each of your stakeholders, and then modify your procurement and supply chain processes to meet these needs.

Before you begin making changes, ask yourself:

  • Is our procurement and supply chain management strategy aligned with our overall business objectives?
  • Are the activities involved in our procurement and supply chain cost effective and in line with leading practices both within our industry and outside of our industry?
  • Do we know what our customers value most about our products and/or services and do our procurement and supply chain practices enable this value?
  • How do we measure the success of our procurement and supply chain?
  • How are we incorporating sustainability into our procurement decisions and supply chain? Do our processes meet current and projected future environmental regulations?

How we can help you


  • ­Do not have a dedicated procurement team for managing indirect or direct spend but want to take advantage of the savings opportunities or
  • ­Require additional resources to support existing procurement activities
  • ­Looking to focus on more strategic business areas
  • ­Want to let a specialized team to manage their procurement activities by taking ownership and responsibility of analyzing requirements, creating sourcing plans and executing the sourcing projects
  • ­Want to provide your team tested processes and tools with a clear dedication of delivering financial savings or other agreed results with minimal disruption to our clients operations.


  • ­We work as a procurement advisory and delivery partner
  • ­Operate as an extension to your existing procurement team
  • ­In case such does not exist, manage all or the selected categories independently but in close collaboration with your key stakeholders and with defined criteria – we ensure you remain in control by dictating the precise technical and commercial specifications before we start and monitoring each stage as we work through the solution.

Our services

Source to Contract

  • Spend Analysis
  • Sourcing Support
  • RFx & Auctioning Services
  • Contract Management

Category Management

  • Supplier Market Intelligence
  • Category Planning
  • Contracting and Contract Management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Savings and Compliance Tracking
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Spend Analysis

  • Category and commodity experts in local & region markets
  • Vast knowledge base of historical and current market prices
  • Aggregated spend by commodity, supplier & category from disparate
    sources, languages, currencies
  • Artificial Intelligence-based tools and algorithms, sourcing- and industry-specific taxonomies
  • Data classification accuracy of more than 95% (group, family, category and component levels)
  • Spend visibility at line item-level across categories and business
  • Product specification including quality, availability and service requirements
  • Comparison of attributes across suppliers and commodities
  • Enhanced vendor normalization and parent-child linkage
  • Data enrichment including D&B scores, diversity and
    sustainability information
  • Current contract costs, terms, and conditions
  • Comprehensive reports, multi-dimensional analysis
  • Understanding of all fixed and variable cost drivers for total cost of ownership
  • Strategic sourcing strategies for cost reduction
  • Execution by experienced global sourcing teams

Procure to Pay

Procurement Operations

  • ­Order Processing
  • ­Spot Buying
  • ­Procurement Data Management
  • ­Global Help Desk


Accounts Payable

  • ­Mailroom services
  • ­Invoice scanning and data capture
  • ­Document management
  • ­Invoice processing
  • ­Exception management
  • ­AP help desk
  • ­Disbursement
  • ­Reconciliations and reporting
  • ­Audit and quality assurance

Tail Spend Management

  • Tail Spend Analysis
  • Filtering
  • Sourcing
  • On-Going Spot Buys
  • Tail Spend Reduction


Our Procurement and Supply Chain Transformation team has experience across all aspects of the supply chain – from forecasting and planning to logistics and warehousing. We can help you:

  • Reduce procurement and logistics costs for materials and services
  • Improve your customer service
  • Decrease your direct and indirect costs by making processes more efficient
  • Enhance controls over your systems and processes
  • Reduce your cost of capital
  • Manage major organizational changes
  • Work with your suppliers and customers more collaboratively
  • Integrate environmental and corporate sustainability into your supply chain – and measure the results