SAP Ariba Practice

Control spend and drive negotiated savings to the bottom line

In today’s sourcing and procurement ecosystem, supplier collaboration, complexity management, advance sourcing applications and adaptability are key trends that are shaping the industry.

As companies work towards achieving these priorities, they have to navigate challenges that include optimisation of buying channels, simplification of complex business processes, integration of cloud-based solutions and in-house application and improvements to the quality of master data.

SAP Ariba is best-in-class, source-to-pay global solution for indirect procurement for local and global organisations. As a Global SAP Services Partner, Kreative Apps understands the full potential of SAP Ariba as a procurement engine for supplier management, conducting sourcing events, contract negotiation and signing, catalog management, operational procurement, invoice management, spend analytics, supplier network collaboration and mobility.

Implementation services

SAP Ariba implementation services

  • Upstream and downstream implementations with integration to ERP and Ariba Network
  • Key user training – Approvers, Buyers, End users, CPO.
  • Training materials – Videos, Quick references guides, PDFs, PPTs etc.
  • Change Management
  • Supplier On boarding and Hand-holding
  • Mobile App deployment/ development for approvers
  • Intensive care support
  • Master data clean-up services
  • Legacy contract on boarding services
  • Custom CPO dashboard
  • Rapid deployment services

Value added services

SAP Ariba ongoing value added services

  • App development for using Ariba API
  • Best Practice Coaching:
    • Frequent check-up of system usage and recommendation of better ways to perform tasks in Ariba.
    • Building Contract Clause Library
  • Supplier support and hand-holding services – Ongoing
  • Auction managing and adoption services
  • Contract authoring – desk to desk support
  • Major System and App Feature Enhancements (within cloud boundary)

Support Services

SAP Ariba support services

  • Ariba Application Management
    • Issue tracking and resolution
    • Custom reports building
    • Create awareness among customer on upcoming features of Ariba
    • Inform, Configure, Test new features and Train users
  • App ongoing maintenance and support
    • Release updates to app on timely basis
    • Manage app
  • Minor Enhancements (Within cloud boundary)